Breakdown of the 12 Categories


If you’ve heard about the healing codes or consumed any of my content where I go into detail about what the healing codes are, you’ve probably heard about the 12 categories, and for good reason. Any issue you could have in your life comes from one of these categories. Each virtue has its own set of feelings and beliefs linked to the category and they are all linked to a physical function in our body. If we are experiencing anything fear based in our life, we can be sure that we have an issue in one of these 12 categories that needs healing.

As you may know, all our issues stem from our memories, more specifically, the stress coming from these memories. When these stressful memories happen, we can develop an issue in one of these 12 categories, meaning, we can start experiencing all the negative thoughts, feelings beliefs and physical issues associated with that category.

Here, we are going to go over each category, identify the physical function they are related to, and identify some of the underlying feelings and beliefs within that category. Once were done, you’ll be able to identify which category one of your issues might be stemming so you can more effectively heal it at its root.

The 12 Categories

The three inhibitors
These first 3 categories are called the inhibitors because they inhibit us from experiencing the 9 virtues, which we will cover a little later. Each of these are related to the other 9 categories are essential to the healing journey

1. Unforgiveness
– Healing unforgiveness is absolutely essential to overall healing. Doctors, therapists, ministers,
and healers of all types have said that they routinely see all manner of sickness and disease
arise from unforgiveness. Every issue, when broken down, has an unforgiveness issue related to it

2. Harmful Actions
– Harmful actions are desires and behaviors we continue to repeat even though they take us farther away from what we really want in life. You may find yourself doing one of these things and not even know why you’re doing it. It’s as if it’s programmed into you. We will cover the harmful actions to each specific category a little later.

3. Unhealthy beliefs create stress in our bodies, shift our cells into self-protection mode, and kick our autonomic nervous system into fight or flight mode. In other words, wrong beliefs make us sick. Each one of the following 9 categories have beliefs related to that category.

The Core Healing System
The Core Healing System is comprised of nine spiritual virtues that must be instilled in your heart for complete healing in your life. Unlike the Inhibitor categories, the Core Healing Virtues
categories list multiple physical and nonphysical issues.

4. Love
Negative emotions: jealousy, resentment, loneliness
Harmful Actions: Selfishness
Unhealthy Beliefs: I am unlovable, I am insignificant
Body System: Endocrine (Hormonal) System

5. Joy
Negative emotions: sadness, depression, hopelessness
Harmful Actions: Complaining
Unhealthy Beliefs: I am hopeless, I am worthless
Body System: Integumentary (Skin) System

6. Peace
Negative emotions: fear, dread, nervousness, tension
Harmful Actions: worry
Unhealthy Beliefs: I’m not OK, something bad will happen
Body System: Gastrointestinal System

7. Patience
Negative emotions: anger, frustration, bitterness
Unhealthy Beliefs: something must change right now for me to be OK
Body System: Immune System

8. Kindness
Negative emotions: rejection, abandonment, vengefulness
Harmful Actions: Selfishness
Unhealthy Beliefs: criticizing, rejecting, negelcting
Body System: Central Nervous System

9. Goodness
Negative emotions: guilt, fear of punishment, inadequacy
Unhealthy Beliefs: I am bad, I’m not good enough
Body System: Respiratory System

10. Trust
Negative emotions: betrayal, defensiveness, suspiciousness
Harmful Actions: attempt to pull others down
Unhealthy Beliefs: I must be in control, it’s not fair
Body System: Reproductive System and Urinary Tract

11. Humility
Negative emotions: inferiority, superiority, embarrassment, pride
Harmful Actions: taking any means to get people to think well of me
Unhealthy Beliefs: other people need to think well of me for me to be OK, I don’t matter
Body System: Circulatory System

12. Self-Control
Negative emotions: laziness, helplessness, feeling unsupported, disconnected, out of control
Harmful Actions: Manipulation, over control of self, giving up
Unhealthy Beliefs: I can’t do it, I’m not capable, others should do it for me
Body System: Muscular/Skeletal System

We hope now that you have learned how The Healing Codes can address different issues in your life. You can start using the universal code to start healing the issues in the categories that stick out most to you.