The Healing Codes, discovered by Dr. Alexander Loyd in 2001, is a powerful self-healing method that helps your body consistently and predictably remove the primary cause of illness and disease: stress. Practicing The Healing Codes activates your body’s natural healing centres in order to identify and heal negative cellular memories that shut down your immune system and keep you from optimal health. Using a combination of physical techniques and prayer/meditation practices, The Healing Codes has helped thousands of people from all over the world correct physical, emotional, relational and success issues.

One of the wonderful things about The Healing Codes is you can do them for someone else, and it is effective. In fact, it may be even more effective than if the person does it for him or herself because the love that motivates you to do the Code for the person seems to greatly amplify the effectiveness.




It's been reported that 97 percent of conventional self help methods result in failure, as the main focus is on achieving external goals through willpower, which activates your body's stress response.  Operating from this place, negatively affects every aspect of your life including your health, relationships and career.  Unfortunately, we have been so programmed to this way of thinking, that we go about this way of life without realizing it.

The Love Code is a methodolgy that teaches you how to live from an internal state of love, joy and peace regardless of your circumstances.  This virtually guarantees your success long term since your focus is no longer on the external circumstances of your life, which are outside of your control.


Memories are the primary factor in determining our thoughts, actions, emotions and beliefs.  These beliefs shape out experiences in all aspects of our lives including are success, relationships and health.  The issue is, most of us think are memories are factual interpretations of what happened in the past and what we are finding now is that they are filled with lies.  Memory engineering if focused on changing those memories and removing the stress caused by them.  The memories will still be there, but the negative interpretations and lies will be pulled out, allowing you to move forward in your life in a more free way.

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Trilogy combines the core components of over 95 percent of all successful and proven energy medicine modalities.  It combines them into an easy process that addresses the source of any issue you could have and positively influences every part of your being; mind, body and spirit.  The process guarantees that it will address the correct source of the issue, every time, and it is the most powerful energy modality of its kind.  It addresses the physical and mental by making use of acupuncture points and meridians.  It addresses the mental and spiritual by using the Healing Codes. And Lastly, It addresses the spiritual and physical by making use of governing conception vessels and chakras.  You can begin experiencing this by implementing the simple, 3 minute process which is available for free.


Personal Healing Code sessions are for people who want to dive deeper and get a custom-tailored code to a specific issue they would like to address to help others, or themselves. In these personal sessions, we will test for earlier memories, incorporate the 12 categories, integrate the love code and develop a plan to use these tools on your own time. We will establish a protocol for use and meet every couple of weeks for as long as you would like. We do not need to discuss anything personal during the calls. We use a form of advanced kinesiology to develop these codes without having to know any personal details. These sessions help you get the most from the Healing Codes and are very effective in helping those around you and yourself.