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Focussing internally vs. externally


One thing that tends to be common with most people that come to The Healing Codes is that they want to have something in their external circumstances change. Whether that is a success, health or relationship issue, there is something in their circumstances that is causing them pain and they want it stop. This isn’t a bad thing. Being able to identify what isn’t working and then taking healthy steps in the direction of change is a very healthy and love based thing to do. It’s what enables us to learn from our life experiences and keep growing.

For a lot of people, results start coming fairly quickly and the circumstances of their life begin to change. The health issue heals, the relationship gets better or the career change happens and suddenly, an issue they were dealing with for a long time is now a thing of the past. But for others, things move a lot slower. Months and months go by without any sort of improvement or, for some, things start to feel like they’re getting worse.

If you’ve seen any of my content or read some of my blog posts, you’ve probably heard that when it comes to healing your memories, results come at different times for different people. Since we are addressing our memories, we can’t predict how we are going to heal and how deep our issues actually go. But there is also another side to this, and this is the tendency we have to focus on end results as appose to the present.

It’s completely normal to come to The Healing Codes and want the result of a health issue going away, a relationship to improve and to start experience the success you want to experience. It’s the pain and the drive to eliminate that pain that usually causes people to start doing energy medicine in the first place. However, one thing I always try to stress to my clients and people that follow me is that focusing on external end results and having goals that are outside of your control actually causes stress; and this can apply when we are doing The Healing Codes. If you are using them as a tool to just try and eliminate pain whenever it comes up and to get the end results you want, then you could be shooting yourself in the foot. While The Healing Codes are a mechanism that do decrease stress in your body when they are done, you could be creating more stress by constantly focusing on an end results expectation and not on the present moment. So, you are taking 3 steps forward 1 step back and so on.

While it is perfectly fine to have an outcome you would like to see, holding it as a “nice to have” while focussing on the present in love is what we are really trying to accomplish. We want to fill our issues with love and peace while taking practical steps in the direction of having them heal. Whether they actually heal is outside of our control. This is obviously easier said than done, especially if you have very stressful circumstances and a lot of us can have programming that prevents us from being able to do this. However, awareness is the first step to being able to move in the right direction and it’s important to understand what is in our control. All we can do is choose to live in love, joy and peace regardless of our circumstance; and The Healing Codes can absolutely help with that.