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There’s No Reason To Wait


It’s been interesting working in this industry and seeing that we all, at one point or another, deal with the same issues in life. These issues usually fall under the health, success and relationship umbrellas and for a lot of people, they’ve been dealing with these issues for years, or even decades.

What’s been even more interesting is seeing a very similar pattern in how we view, and deal with these issues. When pain first hits, most of us (understandably so) want it to go away as quickly as possible and believe that it’s bad & shouldn’t be happening. This is human nature and is one of the hardest things to override.

(If this strikes something in you, I would encourage you to go here: and listen to the call “Why do I get sick, have pain, experience bad things?”).

As we continue to experience pain, we will usually have the thought or inclination to do something about it. Some of us are great at addressing our pain in integrity, love and enthusiasm. However, sometimes, we have pain in our life, maybe something we’ve been dealing with for years, that we just don’t try to improve. We stay in the “coping” stage where we are doing things to minimize the pain, but aren’t doing what we know we should or could be doing.

I remember being in this place myself where I was in a place that I really didn’t like but wasn’t taking any healthy steps to improve the situation. I was “getting by” and coping, specifically with my anxiety. Deep down I think I always knew there was a better way, but it wasn’t until life punched me in the face where I finally decided to search for things that would truly help.

One of the biggest challenges I notice being in this industry is seeing people that need help with an issue and are either coping, or not addressing it. What I’ve come to know is that even the person sitting on the coach, doing nothing, believes they are doing the best they can because of their programming. They can only see their situation in fear because that is what their memories and beliefs are telling them. So they do nothing, because doing anything equals more pain. However, one thing I do know is that we always have a choice to override our programming on some level and choose love and integrity.

It’s been a great joy to sit with people and inform them that whenever we are feeling, believing or doing something that is fear based, it’s because we are believing a lie and it is not the real us, but fear living inside us. I always urge people I meet with, don’t wait for life to kick you in the teeth, like it did for me, to finally do what you know you should be doing. We shouldn’t need a wake-up call to take care of ourselves and the people around us. How quickly our excuses evaporate when we are struck with a crisis.

What you decide to do is entirely up to you. But if there is something you know you need to address, then I would urge you to start now. There’s no reason to wait.