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You’re More Than A Checklist


Would you describe yourself as a list person? Do you have a list, either internally or written, about what needs to get done?

If you have any responsibilities, then typically you have a list of things that need to get done on a regular basis.

The question is, how stressed out are you about your “list” on any given day?

Personally, I had a written checklist for years and a lot of my day was based on accomplishing everything on that list.

Now the Issue isn’t the list itself. The thing that makes this list a positive or a negative is how it’s approached and the stress its creating.

If this is held loosely as a “would be nice to get done” and it’s just reviewed at the end of the day, then it can be great. If it’s the driving force behind what gets done at any given moment with the attitude that it NEEDS to be done, then it can be very unhealthy.

The video below is one (funny) example of how a list can be unhealthy.

Holding any external, or internal checklist of what needs to get done as a goal, with the attitude that it must be done to feel OK, accepted, worthy etc, will cause more harm than good. Everything you “Accomplish” or “Get Done” might be great, admirable and look good, but will come at an emotional price if it’s done in fear or stress. This emotional price was one I paid for years until I started paying attention to what was going.

A lot of us make living a left brain, intellectual exercise. We forget we have this gift of intuition and feelings, and I’ve been guilty of this more than anyone. Going off what we feel peace about, putting aside what our list, people, society etc, says is best to do, always leads to the best outcome.

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